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Kia ora, welcome to restorative justice in Aotearoa New Zealand. Resolution Institute and PACT are contracted by the Ministry of Justice to deliver training and accreditation for restorative justice facilitators.

About restorative justice

Restorative justice or restorative practice is used widely across a range of contexts in Aotearoa New Zealand, for example in workplaces, schools and the criminal justice system. The information here focuses on restorative justice in the criminal justice system and the training and accreditation that Resolution Institute provides on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.

Restorative Justice is an integral part of New Zealand’s criminal justice system, funded by the Ministry of Justice. Restorative Justice is a community-based response to crime that aims to hold offenders to account for their offending and, as far as possible, repair the harm they’ve done to the victim and the community. Participation in restorative justice is voluntary and involves a facilitated meeting between the victim and offender.

Participating in restorative justice?

Who delivers restorative justice?

Restorative justice services are delivered by community-based restorative justice providers contracted by the Ministry of Justice.
See Restorative Justice Providers around the country on justice.govt.nz

Providers contract or employ restorative justice facilitators to work with victims and offenders, including facilitating meetings known as conferences. To ensure high standards, restorative justice facilitators complete facilitator induction training and work towards restorative justice facilitator accreditation. The Ministry of Justice contracts Resolution Institute, in partnership with PACT, to provide this training and accreditation.

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Resolution Institute offers discounted Professional membership to accredited restorative justice facilitators. With membership you become part of a wider dispute resolution community and have access to regular updates about dispute resolution and discounts at professional development events including webinars.

Facilitator training and accreditation pathway

If you're interested in becoming a restorative justice facilitator your first step is to contact restorative justice provider organisations to find out about work opportunities.

Your provider will talk to you about facilitator induction and mentoring, including completing training and accreditation. Training and accreditation is funded by the Ministry of Justice for facilitators working with Ministry contracted Providers.




Self study, pre-course training modules

Resolution Institute

Five day face to face training course

Resolution Institute

Mentoring on the job with an experienced facilitator

Your Provider

Accreditation assessment

Resolution Institute

Maintaining and building competence through CPD and practice

Your Provider
Renewal of accreditation every three years Resolution Institute


Most complaints or concerns about restorative justice should, in the first instance, go to the Provider organisation that provided the restorative justice service so that they can try to solve the problem for you. Resolution Institute can consider complaints about the professional practice of accredited restorative justice facilitators. See our complaints policy.

Restorative justice facilitators with accreditation

Resolution Institute maintains a list of restorative justice facilitators who hold current accreditation.

List Of Facilitators

About restorative justice

Restorative Justice facilitator induction training has been run by PACT Limited, training consultants, in partnership with Resolution Institute. Resolution Institute also ran accreditation services for restorative justice facilitators. Both the training and the accreditation will cease as at the end of 2023.

The Ministry of Justice is currently undertaking a review of the training and accreditation services. It is planned for this review to be concluded by 1 July 2024.

The assessment process for new RJ accreditations by Resolution Institute has ceased and no further training is available via Resolution Institute, at this stage.

The MOJ is considering how to process accreditation renewal applications due up to 1 July 2024 and the latest information can be obtained from your RJ Provider Manager.

All Restorative Justice enquiries should be directed to the Ministry of Justice.