Mediating Loss for a Humane society
with Dr Katherine Johnson
How law and psychology combine in mediation to effectively handle loss and create a humane civil society.
In this enlightening webinar session, join Dr. Katherine Johnson as she delves into the intricate interplay of law and psychology in the realm of mediation. With a focus on effectively handling loss and fostering a more compassionate civil society, Dr. Johnson will share insights drawn from her extensive research and expertise.

Thesis Inquiry:
‘Why do people go either to a psychologist or to a lawyer if not to redress the impact of the grief they feel from some perceived or real loss?’

PhD in Law - Dispute Resolution (2015):
Dr. Katherine Johnson's profound exploration culminated in her groundbreaking PhD thesis. Through a compelling social constructionist approach, she claims that the very reason for conducting any mediation is the quest for MEANING by the parties to make sense of their loss. Dr. Katherine Johnson further underscores that the quest for meaning is the theory behind the practice of any mediation. That is, she claim that a social constructionist approach to mediation highlights the significance of loss and leads to her conclusion that loss fuels the meaning we give to Life.
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Dr Katherine Johnson

Friday, 06 October 2023
Duration: 64 Minutes

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