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Organisational policies

Resolution Institute Constitution

Resolution Institute Code of Ethics

Resolution Institute Mediator Professional Work Practice Guidelines

By-laws for the establishment of groups of members

By-laws for the investigation and discipline of members

State/Location Committee - Terms of Reference

Practice for nominations of members for DR work

Complaints Policy

Determinative Board Committee - terms of reference

Peer Group Supervision Framework

Clauses and rules

Dispute resolution clauses

Rules for mediation 2016

Rules for conciliation 2006

Rules for arbitration 2020

Rules for arbitration explanatory note

Rules for expert determination 2016

Registration to arbitrate under Arbitration Rules



National Mediator Accreditation Standards (NMAS) - AU

NMAS standards

Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation - NZ

CPD Record for renewal of Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation

Resolution Institute Advanced Mediator Accreditation - NZ & AU

Mediation Advanced Accreditation - client evaluation form

Guide to Advanced Mediation Accreditation assessment (PDF)

Application for Advanced Mediator Accreditation

Conflict Management Coaching

Standards of Ethical Conduct for Conflict Management Coaches

Conflict Management Coach Accreditation - requirements and assessment process (PDF)

Assessment for CINERGY® conflict management coach accreditation


Policy for the Registration of Practising Arbitrators (PDF)

Pupillage record sheet (DOC)

Application for Initial Grading and Accreditation as an Arbitrator (DOC)

Application for Re-grading as Arbitrator (DOC)

Resolution Institute Masterclass Policy (PDF)


Policy on the Accreditation and Register of Adjudicators (PDF)

Accreditation assessment form (PDF)

Resolution Institute Masterclass Policy (PDF)

Family dispute resolution

A guide to the accreditation 'professional conversation' (PDF)

FDR Provider accreditation application form (DOC)

Expert determination

Expert Determiners Policy (PDF)

Expert Determiners Transitional Policy (PDF)

Nomination service

Application for nomination of a dispute resolver

Nomination Services Policy and Procedures