Mediation training

Running for over 30 years, our flagship mediation training is the most trusted in the industry. As a special offer, upon completion of the mediation course you will receive 20% off your membership for your first year which will gain you exclusive access to a range of our membership benefits.

This course satisfies the training component under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) standards in Australia, and the Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation System in New Zealand.

The course runs for 40 hours and has a strong skills development orientation in addition to foundational theory. You will engage in demonstrations, simulation role plays offering experiential learning along with personalised coaching and receive feedback from highly skilled mediators.

Resolution Institute is Australia and New Zealand's largest membership organisation for Dispute Resolution (DR) practitioners. Our training is recognised for the high quality of its programme design, the interactive and experiential emphasis of the learning activities and the exemplary skills of its facilitators.

We are the largest registered training provider of accredited mediator training programs, and our flagship mediation training programme satisfies the training component under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) standards In Australia.

Our faculty of trainers are the leading trainers and mediation practitioners across Australia and New Zealand. We have a strong history of training excellence and setting the bar for mediators. Resolution Institute, together with our predecessor bodies LEADR and IAMA have trained and accredited more mediators than any other organisation.

Resolution Institute offers the 5-day mediation training programme in-person across all capital cities, as well as online, so you can choose the format that suits you best.

Who is this training for?

  • anyone keen to add mediation to their professional skill set
  • those wishing to become professionally accredited mediators
  • legal practitioners who represent clients in mediation or wish to add mediation to their skill set
  • those who are interested in developing their negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • professionals who advise clients, manage staff or facilitate planning and decision making
  • those who handle disputes in commercial, government, not-for-profit or community sectors
  • HR professionals

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Resolution Institute can also offer this course in-house customised to meet your needs as an organisation, whether it is to become accredited or simply to enhance the mediation skills of your team. – please contact us on (02) 9251 3366 or [email protected] to discuss options.


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