Expert Witness

Practicing as an Expert Witness

An expert witness is a professional with specialised knowledge in a specific field due to their education, training, or extensive experience. To practice as an expert witness, one must possess the relevant qualifications and experience, along with strong presentation and communication skills to convey complex topics in an understandable manner.

Their role is multi-faceted, including providing impartial testimony to assist the court, presenting supporting evidence, testifying in Court or Tribunal settings, aiding in the discovery process, and preparing comprehensive written reports. Accreditation can offer added assurance of an expert witness’s qualifications, professionalism, and adherence to ethical standards, enhancing their credibility in the Courtroom.

Why become an accredited Expert Witness?

Holding accreditation as an Expert Witness demonstrates that an expert meets stringent training and competence and is an indicator of quality that is synonymous with the Resolution Institute name and our history of providing exceptional training and accreditation services.

Resolution Institute is the only local professional body across Australia and New Zealand that has a formal accreditation for Expert Witnesses and Expert Determiners. This gives confidence in the skills, expertise and competence of those experts on the register who hold this accreditation.

Resolution Institute accredited expert witnesses:

  • Are formally assessed as competent following their completion of the formal training program.
  • Understand and comply with Resolution Institutes code of ethics, as well as our rigorous practice standards.
  • Are committed to keeping their knowledge up to date through ongoing CPD requirements.
  • Are subject to a quality assurance and complaints process.
  • Hold appropriate professional indemnity insurance 

If you are interested in becoming an accredited expert witness, you can access our next training course here.


Resolution Institute nomination service

The Expert Witness nomination service provides reassurance to parties who instruct accredited expert witnesses that they are appropriately trained to discharge the expert witness role they are instructed to undertake. Key factors when utilising Resolution Institute’s nominations service include that:

  • We consider the expertise and qualifications against our registered panel, to identify the needs of the matter at hand
  • We work with our experts to ensure they have appropriate availability to act
  • We conduct a thorough conflict of interest check
  • Our registered expert witnesses hold appropriate professional indemnity insurance for the matter
  • We maintain confidentiality
  • Expert witnesses are subject to the ongoing requirements of Resolution Institute accreditation policy


A $1,100 fee applies to use the nomination service