Security of Payment Applications

Adjudication is a formal judgement on a dispute matter.

Legislation exists Australia wide with the aim to improve cash flow in the building and construction industry via adjudication. The legislation aims to ensure that:

  • Contractors and subcontractors in the industry are paid for the work they perform
  • Disputed payment claims are addressed quickly and inexpensively.

Claimants can lodge applications for adjudication under the legislation. The process is a fast, inexpensive process that is completed within timelines specified by the relevant Security of Payments Acts.

Adjudicators consider all the documentation provided to produce an adjudication determination.

Resolution Institute has the authority to nominate an adjudicator in all states other than Queensland. If you seek an adjudicator in Queensland, please visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website here. 

Learn how the relevant Security of Payment Act legislation applies to your construction dispute. Contractors and subcontractors are protected under the Security of Payment Act aimed at enabling them access to payment for work performed quickly and inexpensively.