Our Trainers 

Resolution Institute is the leading body for the training of accredited mediators in Australia. Our trainers have extensive experience in dispute resolution, mediating in commercial, workplace, industrial and family settings as well as in facilitating discussions and decision making in large multi-party community issues. Resolution Institute is recognised as being at the leading edge of professional development. The profession and the market have confidence in Resolution Institute and the training it delivers, with our trainers being consistently rated as excellent. We have been training our profession and setting the standard for decades.

Anne Sutherland

Mediator and consultant to private and public sector clients. Following a background in commercial law, Anne’s mediation experience includes commercial, anti-discrimination, medical negligence, family and wills and estate matters. She currently specialises in workplace. Anne is appointed as a mediator to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and teaches dispute resolution in the post graduate law programme at Monash University.

Nina Harding

Nina Harding has worked as a mediator / facilitator for over twenty-five years.   Nina is a law graduate and has a Master of Laws.  She is a Harvard Law School trained mediator and has mediated over 2,500 business disputes in a variety of areas.  Nina is the Australian Film Code Conciliator (under the Australian Film Exhibition and Distribution Code) and a Visiting Senior Lecturer at The University of Hong Kong.  She is a member of numerous mediation panels including NSW Farm Debt Mediation, NSW Personal Injury Commission, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Queensland Small Business Commissioner, etc.  

Nina Harding is a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS) and a Fellow of the Resolution Institute.  She is a popular keynote speaker and an internationally recognised expert in complaint handling.

Bradley Chenoweth

Bradley is a Visiting Fellow to Law Schools at the University of WA, Advisor to the UWA Mediation Clinic; and the Australian National University, and Director of the Centre for Dialogue. He is regional Adjunct Faculty to both MIT’s Sloan School IDEAS Asia Pacific program, a collaboration with UID Indonesia; and the Presencing Institute (USA). Trained as a lawyer, Bradley is Fellow and Lead Trainer with Resolution Institute, Australian and New Zealand's largest member-based dispute resolution organisation.

 Bradley teaches negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution; also, collaborative innovation, systems thinking and transformation; both professionally and at universities across Asia Pacific. Since 2005, as   consultant and now regional associate with Dialogos International in Boston, he has worked globally on large scale system transformation projects and has stewarded professional development and senior   executive programmes across multiple sectors.

 His first step beyond formal law was mediation. It remains his passion and the focus of his practice in Australia. At its centre is the creation of value through facilitated negotiation.

Laurence Boulle

Laurence practised law for five years before becoming an academic, having held positions at four Australian law schools and taught in New Zealand, the Pacific, Africa, and Europe. He established the DRC at Bond University last century and is Principal of Independent Mediation Services Ltd and an Associate of Co-Solve. Laurence has published extensively in mediation, dispute resolution and globalisation, here   and abroad. He is co-author of current texts, Australian Dispute Resolution, Mediation in Australia and Mediation Skills and Techniques, all published by LexisNexis, Sydney. He has chaired NADRAC, the MSB and NMC Ltd.

Laurence practices as a dispute resolution practitioner and consultant and enjoys mediation training the most.

Franca Petrone

Franca has a background in law and over 25 years’ experience providing dispute management services in a broad range of areas including commercial, personal injury, workplace, and family. She provides training and coaching in conflict management and mediation for various universities and other organisations in Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region.

Franca’s practice includes mediating and conciliating in a number of South Australian and Federal courts and tribunals. She is on various mediator panels and is a restorative engagement facilitator for the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and Catholic Church under their Towards Healing program.

Franca was inaugural Secretary and a founding Director of the Mediator Standards Board (MSB) (2010-2013) and Project Officer, Review of Standards (2013-2015). She is Chair of the Law Society of South Australia (LSSA) ADR Committee and a member of both the LSSA and AAT Mediator Accreditation Committees.

Franca has been providing training and coaching services to the Resolution Institute since 1995 and has consistently received excellent feedback from training participants about the value she brings to the training offerings.

Shiv Martin

Shiv is a nationally accredited mediator, practicing lawyer, conciliator, decision maker and certified vocational trainer. She has engaged in complex dispute resolution, stakeholder engagement and team building in the government and legal sectors for 13 years. As a mediator, trainer and facilitator Shiv has a unique and diverse set of expertise in Law, Management, Vocational Education and Mediation.

Shiv works for various government organisations as an independent decision maker or conciliator and conducts private workplace mediations and facilitations. She is currently part time Assistant Information Commissioner, Queensland.

Shiv is also an Independent Examiner with the Australian National Contact Point for OECD complaints. As an experienced community mediator, Shiv has a keen interest and skill in conducting cross-cultural and intergenerational mediations. She is an active member of the South Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre where she continues to train, coach, and assess aspiring mediators for NMAS Accreditation.

Recently, as a Conference Registrar for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Shiv conducted conciliations in a broad array of public sector disputes including tax, worker’s compensation, and disability support (NDIS matters) and social services complaints.

Shiv’s greatest area of strength and passion is training and coaching in dispute resolution. She is a leading conciliation and public service trainer for Resolution Institute and facilitates reflective practice workshops for public service managers.

Alexandra Sidoti

Alexandra has extensive experience in dispute resolution. Having commenced her career as a solicitor in commercial litigation, Alexandra has spent 15 years working in alternative dispute resolution within the financial services industry. She has worked as a case manager/investigator, a practising conciliator and as a decision maker.

Alexandra has a particular interest in dispute resolution practice and processes. She completed her master's honours thesis on role and boundaries of advice in conciliation practice at the Financial Ombudsman Service. She has a long history of providing dispute resolution training and conciliation coaching both internally and externally with stakeholders in the financial services industry.

In recent years she was instrumental in developing and implementing an internal training and accreditation programme for conciliators at the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, and its predecessor scheme the Financial Ombudsman Service. This is a structured programme that includes preliminary training, conciliation observation and coaching and a series of micro skills modules.

Lynora Brooke

Lynora has used the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching since training with Cinnie Noble in 2005 and has trained others in its use since 2007. Lynora finds it an invaluable tool to assist individuals to develop and enhance their own conflict competency, to manage interpersonal and workplace conflict and prepare for, or debrief after, difficult conversations, investigations, negotiations, or mediation. With a focus on leadership development and conflict management, Lynora has her own consultancy, Redefinity, specialising in leadership coaching and mentoring, workplace and commercial mediation, team dynamics assessments and conflict coaching.

Noelene Salmon

Noelene is based in Sydney, Noelene has 20 years' experience in senior Human Resources and Industrial Relations and for the last 10 years has focused on dispute resolution as a CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach, Facilitator and Mediator through her company Good Outcome Mediation and Conflict Resolution. She has worked extensively in government and introduced dispute resolution and workplace training programmes based on the CINERGY® model and is now an accredited CMC trainer. Noelene has a passion for coaching and mediation inspired by the transformation it provides for clients and teams in conflict and distress. She has a warm and empathetic style sharpened by insight and softened by humour.