Workplace or employment disputes

Employment or workplace mediation can help when there is a dispute or ongoing conflict in the workplace.

Resolution Institute's Workplace Employment Mediation Services

Mediation is where an independent person called a mediator helps resolve an employment relationship problem in a semi-formal and confidential environment. A mediator will help you to identify the main issues and find potential solutions.

Resolution Institute's Workplace Mediation Panel

Resolution Institute has established a panel of experienced and independent mediators specifically designed to assist with workplace complaints or disputes.

The panel consists of a diverse range of NMAS accredited mediators, facilitators and conflict coaches with Australia-wide experience across a broad range of industries. Panel members meet our high-quality standards and ongoing professional development requirements.

Resolution Institute acts as a neutral third-party organisation to find the most suitably qualified professional workplace mediator for each matter referred through the service, without you having to do the leg work of calling and interviewing prospective mediators.

By accessing this service, we guarantee a flat rate for an experienced mediator for up to 8 hours mediation time (including intake sessions). The parties may also agree to extend the mediation for a standard hourly rate with the agreement of the appointed mediator.  

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