Choose arbitration in disputes where you want an independent arbitrator to make an enforceable decision for you

Why would I choose arbitration?

Arbitration can help to resolve a wide range of disputes including commercial, business, family, personal injury, industrial relations matters and construction.

Arbitration proceedings are overseen by an arbitrator (rather than a judge or magistrate), who considers the evidence and arguments presented by the parties, and hands down a decision known as an arbitral award. This decision is legally binding and generally enforceable in court.

Resolution Institute’s (and formerly IAMA’s) dispute resolution clauses are regularly used in standard contracts across Australia.

This guide can provide you with more information.

A handy guide to commercial arbitration

Can you help me find an arbitrator?

Through our nomination service, Resolution Institute can find an arbitrator for you. We carefully consider the type of dispute, experience and knowledge required, location and price point to nominate an accredited arbitrator to match your dispute. An application fee applies to use the nomination service. 

You can complete the online form to use the Resolution Institute nomination service to find an arbitrator for you. Then, submit your application fee.

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I would like to use the Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules?

The new Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules 2023 update the 2020 Rules to world best practice in providing an efficient arbitration process. They are Australia's most cost-effective arbitral rules.  The most significant change is that where the dispute is under $2m the arbitration hearing and all interlocutory steps must be concluded within FOUR months and the award within ONE month after that UNLESS the parties agree otherwise, thus reducing the cost of the entire arbitration. 

You can complete the online form to register to use the Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules.

I want to use an arbitration clause in a contract

When you enter into a contract, make sure you include a dispute resolution clause. You might like to consider referring any dispute that may arise to arbitration, or to a series of dispute resolution types depending on the circumstances and nature of the dispute. You can browse our standard arbitration and other dispute resolution clauses to find one that suits you.

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