UNICTRAL Arbitration Rules

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 9 December 2021

76/108. Expedited Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade LawThe General Assembly,Recalling its resolution 2205 (XXI) of 17 December 1966,by which it established the United Nations Commission onInternational Trade Law with a mandate to further the progressiveharmonization and unification of the law of internationaltrade and in that respect to bear in mind the interests of allpeoples, in particular those of developing countries, in theextensive development of international trade,

Recalling also its resolution 31/98 of 15 December 1976recommending the use of the Arbitration Rules of the UnitedNations Commission on International Trade Law1 and its resolution65/22 of 6 December 2010 recommending the use of theArbitration Rules as revised in 2010,2

Mindful of the value of arbitration as a method of settlingdisputes that may arise in the context of international commercialrelations,

Noting the value of expedited arbitration as a streamlinedand simplified procedure for settling disputes that arise in thecontext of international commercial relations within a shortenedtime frame, and its increased use in international and domesticcommercial practice for parties to reach a final resolution ofthe dispute in a cost- and time-effective manner,

Aware of the need to balance the efficiency of the arbitral
proceedings and the rights of the disputing parties to due process
and fair treatment,

Noting that the preparation of the UNCITRAL ExpeditedArbitration Rules and the accompanying explanatory note benefitedgreatly from consultations with Governments and interestedintergovernmental and international non-governmentalorganizations,

Noting also that the Expedited Arbitration Rules wereadopted by the United Nations Commission on InternationalTrade Law at its fifty-fourth session, after due deliberations,31. Expresses its appreciation to the United Nations Commissionon International Trade Law for having formulated andadopted the Expedited Arbitration Rules, the text of which iscontained in annex IV to the report of the United Nations Commissionon International Trade Law on the work of its fiftyfourthsession4 and which came into effect on 19 September2021;

  1. Recommends the use of the UNCITRAL ExpeditedArbitration Rules in the settlement of disputes arising in thecontext of international commercial relations;
  2. Requests the Secretary-General to make all efforts toensure that the UNCITRAL Expedited Arbitration Rules becomegenerally known and available.

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