Timing is everything: When & what to try during exploration

Online workshop

with Bianca Keys
Monday, 27 May 2024 | 11am 12.30pm AEST | Online

Embark on a journey of exploration with us as we delve into the unknown. The allure of exploration lies in its unpredictability, presenting a challenge for those accustomed to meticulous preparation. Join us in tackling the common struggle of knowing when to intervene or step back and discerning which skills to employ at various junctures.

During this session, we'll unravel the purpose of this stage in the mediation process. Take a moment for self-reflection to understand your default behaviors and consider the delicate balance required to align personal predispositions with the goals of this mediation phase. Explore the transformative shift needed when transitioning from a natural problem solver or advocate to a facilitator of conversation.

Engage in discussions on the art of timing—knowing when to intervene and when to pause. Delve into the benefits and optimal timing for employing strategies such as summaries, reframes, and strategic questioning. Gain insights into when to park certain questions for later exploration. Join us as we navigate the uncharted territory of mediation, discovering the nuanced art of balancing preparation with adaptability in this transformative stage.

A maximum of 15 attendees are able to participate in a given workshop. These events are not recorded and can only be attended live.

About the trainer


Bianca Keys

Bianca Keys is a highly experienced mediator, facilitator, trainer and conflict management coach. She is dedicated to the professionalisation of mediators in Australia and was an elected Director of the Mediator Standards Board between 2014-2022.

Bianca operates her own consultancy, specialising in conflict management and resolution for commercial, workplace and healthcare disputes.

In addition Bianca has diverse experience designing and implementing industry dispute resolution schemes. She has held Federal Government and Industry appointments including for the Australian franchising, horticulture, retail, petroleum, film exhibition, and wine making industries.

Over the past 19+ years Bianca has delivered mediation training in Australia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Bahrain. This variety has given her the opportunity to develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of learning styles and best training practice. Bianca currently trains, coaches and assesses mediators under the NMAS for a number of organisations, and designs professional development programs for practicing mediators. She is passionate about developing, supporting, and mentoring a new generation of dispute resolution practitioners.

Bianca has been appointed to a number of mediation and conciliation panels, including statutory appointments to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, the NSW Workers Compensation Commission, and the NSW Small Business Commission. She is also a mediator with the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (Franchising, Horticulture, Small Business), the NSW Rural Assistance Authority (Farm Debt), and a Conciliator under the Code of Conduct for Australian Winegrape Purchases.

Bianca facilitates in-house conflict management and effective communications workshops. She is a frequent contributor to industry publications and conferences and is consulted for her expertise in effective communication, negotiation, conflict management and mediation.

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27/05/2024 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
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