Webinar | FDR adaptions for the online context

Webinar | FDR adaptions for the online context

FDR adaptations for the online context: learning and reflection to date

Nicola Hartfield (NZ based) and Helen Jarvis (AU based) FDR providers who both now practice at least 85% online will share their learning and reflection about the adaptations required for FDR in the online context. This is not a ‘how to’ basics but more an advanced reflections to date.

They’ll explore process, principles and skills, in particular giving consideration to:

  • Dealing with confidentiality and privacy issues
  • Managing the documentation
  • How to enhance connection and engagement
  • Working with high emotion online
  • How the mediator voice needs to change in this context
  • How does the ‘suitability to proceed’ assessment change?
  • What to do in a disagreement about mode?
  • Considerations in hybrid mode

This will take the form of a conversation between the two of them and draw questions from the audience throughout.

About the speakers

Nicola Hartfield


Nicola began her professional life in 1986. She started as a paediatric hospital social worker and family therapist and later held the Clinical Leader role for Relationship Services (as it was then), for Manawatu and Hawkes Bay.

In 2006 Nicola started in private practice in mediation and reconciliation after completing a post Grad Dip in DR, Fellowships (Resolution Institute and AMINZ) and National Accreditation (NMAS). Nicola was the inaugural winner of the AMINZ Anne Edge award for Excellence in Mediation Fellowship.

Prior to covid Nicola often travelled internationally to present on a wide range of mediation and conflict resolution topics, but is now based in Whanganui, Aotearoa New Zealand. She continues to teach both online and in person, and provides professional workplace supervision to mediators, Government ministries and NGO’s. She is writing and developing a model of FDR based on the concepts of loss and acknowledgement that she weaves into her family and workplace mediation practice. www.nicolahartfield.com

Helen Jarvis

Helen is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Child Consultant, Facilitator of Restorative Engagement conferences and Clinical Supervisor in private practice. She supports individuals and organisations to have the difficult conversations that often accompany the distress and conflict typically experienced during periods of change.

Helen, who is based in NSW, is also a trainer for the College of Law and Relationships Australia. She teaches the National Mediator Training Programme and subjects of the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.

Helen is also the founder of Ripple Learning (a social enterprise), which facilitates customised workshops for workplaces on the skills people need to resolve conflict, manage stress and maximise performance.  100% of profits are directed to effective youth mental health services.  www.ripplelearning.com.au

Wednesday, 30 November 2022
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
AU Members: AU$35 - NZ Members: AU$30 - Non-Members: AU$55
1.00 CPD Hours