Webinar | Effective use of parenting coordination

Webinar | Effective use of parenting coordination

with Anne-Marie Cade
Friday, 09 June 2023 | 12pm 1pm AEST| Online 

Effective Use of Parenting Coordination: Considerations for Lawyers and Mediators

This webinar will focus on what Lawyers and Mediators should understand about effective parenting coordination and how it can be supported. Anne-Marie Cade will discuss the role of the Parenting Coordinator (PC) as one of the most intensive intervention available for high conflict co-parents and also provide explanations and descriptions of those cases that are appropriate for referral for parenting coordination, those that are not, and the circumstances that support the most effective use of a PC. 

The presenter will also explain and describe

  •  Intractable conflict and how it can be managed by a PC
  • The importance of court orders; confidentiality
  • The scope of PC authority
  • Effective PC reports to the court; and
  • PC collaboration with lawyers and judges.

About the speaker:

Anne-Marie Cade 

Anne-Marie Cade is an award-winning lawyer, who has a Masters in Family Dispute Resolution and Negotiation, is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner a Certified Divorce Coach and a Parenting Coordinator.

She was recently awarded a Churchill fellowship by the Winston Churchill Trust in Australia to research Best Practice in Parenting Coordination and has recently returned having completed her research in 7 countries around the world. 

She also has training in negotiation, relationship mediation, conflict coaching, high conflict divorce, divorce coaching, Brain Based Conversation skills, Brain Based Coaching Skills and Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

She has won many industry awards and has been recognised as a Thought Leader, an Innovator and a Wellness Advocate for her innovative approach to helping clients deal with life crises like divorce. She was recently named an Excellence Awardee in the 2023 Australian Mediator of the Year awards.

Friday, 09 June 2023
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
AU Mem: AU$35 | NZ Mem: NZ$35 | Guest: AU$55 | Members with PDS: Free
1.00 CPD Hours