‘Paws' and reflect - mediator mental health and wellbeing

‘Paws' and reflect - mediator mental health and wellbeing

with Clinical Psychologist Jennifer McGowan and Therapy Dog Frankie
Wednesday, 06 December 2023 | 5:15pm (for 5:30pm start) – 7pm AEDT | Cliftons Melbourne, Collins Street

This is the VIC Facilitative Committee’s End of Year Event.  The topic will be presented in person by clinical psychologist Jennifer McGowan and certified therapy dog Frankie.  The event will be hosted by Michelle Royal-Hebblewhite and Rebecca Cameron.


Meet Frankie!  Frankie, a 3-year-old standard labradoodle, is a fully fledged therapy dog who “works” in clinical and non-clinical settings, with his co-worker and adoring owner Jennifer, to promote positive mental health outcomes.  

The focus will be on mental health and wellbeing in the Conflict Resolution space with professional perspectives from Jennifer and Frankie.  

The objective of this presentation is to enhance awareness of our personal and professional needs, as mediators.  Simple strategies, and their application to manage impacts of working in the conflict resolution space, will be demonstrated by Frankie, and explained by Jennifer.  

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with Frankie.  The evening will include a mindfulness exercise, with a Q&A incorporated into the presentation – moderated by the hosts (Michelle Royal-Hebblewhite and Rebecca Cameron).  

Don't miss the opportunity to engage with Frankie, who will showcase the importance of 'being present', establishing 'healthy boundaries’, fostering 'trust', the benefits of taking moments for ‘self-reflection’, and pre-mediation/post-mediation ‘self-care’.  This event promises to be a unique and enriching experience, promoting positive mental health outcomes in both professional and personal spheres.

Guest Speaker

Clinical Psychologist Jennifer McGowan

Jennifer is a clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of practitioner experience.  She is an approved clinical supervisor for all levels of the PsyBA, including clinical psychology endorsement.

Jennifer assists people of all ages to understand and manage their problems, and work towards achieving effective positive change, good mental health, and wellbeing.   

She specialises in all areas of emotional difficulty and mental health including affective disorders such as major depression; personality disorders; anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorder, fears and phobias, and OCD; as well as trauma; substance abuse and dependence; relationship stress and breakdown; grief and loss.  

Jennifer is skilled in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness practice, Schema Therapy, and other evidence-based short and long-term therapy interventions.

Therapy Dog Frankie

Frankie is a fully credentialed therapy dog, who, at 18 months, passed his therapy dog assessment and workplace exam.  He is now 3 years old and enjoys interacting meaningfully with people of all ages in clinical and non-clinical settings. 

Wednesday, 06 December 2023
5:15 pm to 7:00 pm
Members: Free | Non-members: AU$45
Cliftons Melbourne
Level 1 440 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
1.00 CPD Hours